We are delighted to announce the re-opening our aqua park. We are fully committed to stopping the spread of Covid 19 and protecting our staff and our customers. In order to do so we have redesigned every part of our experience from when you and your family arrive at our Aqua Parks until you leave to ensure we are Covid secure! The great news is that we actually made the whole experience even more fun filled than last year!!!


Key Operational Changes


Aqua park

Our West Coast Aqua Park is now twice the size as last year. Both of our Aqua Parks are split into five separated islands perfect for ensuring social distance is maintained.  You get to travel from island to island during your fun filled session.



Our Aqua Parks and every touch point on it and within our building including check in/change facilities and toilets are treated with a breakthrough long lasting surface sanitiser that offers up to 30 days protection and fully certified. We will apply this treatment every three weeks to ensure maximum protection of all surfaces.


Our building at West Coast Aqua Park including check in/change rooms and toilets will receive a full preventative Anti viral sanitisation every 7 days. This will be carried out by our newly acquired fogging system and carried out by our specially trained Covid 19 prevention team. At West Lake Aqua Park Killaloe we have no buildings or changing rooms.


Hand sanitise stations will be located throughout our sites at key areas.


Changing facilities

In West Coast Aqua Park we’ve increased our change facilities by 500% by installing an outdoor marquees along with a new outdoor shower system. We have no showers at West Lake Aqua Park Killaloe.



We’ve doubled our wetsuit and buoyancy aid stock to ensure each wetsuit is fully sanitised after each use. Wetsuits are sanitised with Milton solution which is the industry standard best practice.



At West Coast Aqua Park outdoor lockers have been installed for customers use and are sanitised regularly throughout the day. We have no lockers at West Lake Aqua Park Killaloe.


Checking in

On arrival, each group will be greeted by a host outside our reception, who will co-ordinate your check in and ensure restricted numbers are maintained indoors.


Staff training

All our staff have received Covid 19 training and in particular Covid 19 prevention protocols.


Please do not visit us:

• if you currently have Covid-19 or are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days
• if you live in the same household or have been in close contact with someone who has displayed symptoms of Covid 19 in the last 14 days
• if you have been advised to cocoon at this time
• if you have been advised to self-isolate at this time
• if you have travelled abroad in the last 14 days (except Northern Ireland)


By signing the waiver and completing your booking you confirm that you understand not to visit us under these circumstances and that you will adhere to all Covid 19 instructions on sites.


We have adapted our cleaning and hygiene schedule with frequent cleaning and particular attention to touchpoints. All our staff have received Covid 19 training before returning to work.

Please read our COVID-19 Customer Arrival Document. Click to download

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