West Coast Aqua Park is committed to providing a safe environment for participants where they can enjoy the fun and memorable experiences of the aqua park.​


Before your hour even starts on the park, ALL participants are required to take part in a 8 minute safety briefing.

The runways and features of the course are all inflatable and anchored in place and floating on the surface of the water. As such they are a slippery, unstable but super fun. INJURIES can and do occur. In using the aquapark, all participants acknowledge, understand and accept this risk of injury to themselves, their friends and their families. People with heart or health problems, pre-existing injuries, especially knees, shoulders, ankles, back and neck are advised not to use the Aquapark.


  • It is mandatory for all participants to wear buoyancy aids at all times.
  • Please ensure that your vest fits correctly and that the safety straps are tightened.
  • Never under any circumstances swim under the obstacles. Always go over the top of the features.
  • Never dive head first into the water off any obstacle. You must always enter the water feet first.
  • Always look up when climbing. Do not climb underneath anyone else climbing. People can slip and fall while on the features.
  • Make sure the water area and landing are clear of people before jumping or sliding into the water.
  • The correct sliding position on the obstacles is have your arms crossed across your chest with your feet and legs together
  • If sliding with a friend do not hold hands, slide separately.
  • Do not slide down any area with climbing handles attached
  • No pushing or excessive rough play. All younger participants should be given right of way at all times.
  • Tread carefully and show caution as the park is slippery and unstable.
  • The park is only for use during the public opening hours while lifeguards and members of staff are on duty.
  • The park must never be used under the influence of medication, drugs or alcohol.


Our lifeguards and staff will be out on the park and supervising from Stand Up Paddle boards throughout the session. They are there to assist you during your session. Please yell or raise your hand if you require assistance at any time. Always obey the staff directions. If you have trouble getting out of the water onto the equipment use the low walkways.


Failure to abide by any of the rules above will result in participants being removed from the aquapark. Ages 6 – 10 must be accompanied by an adult supervisor who take 100% responsibility for them at all times. By participating in this activity, all participants acknowledge the physical nature of the aquapark. Participants should be aware of all safety rules above and agree to use the Aqua Park entirely at their own risk and accepting 100% responsibility. All participants must have a waiver signed. An Adult can sign for multiple U18 participants but all adults must have their own waiver signed. Waivers are best signed online in advance of your arrival. Failure to do so may result in reduced time on the session due to queues on site.